Outdoor Adventures In the Crescent City Redwoods. Where Jesse and Ben can find more to do in a day than we can list. "Jesse and Ben do it again." 

Island Lake

  Island Lake Video!!!! A hike me, (Jesse) and some friends took after school got out. Take Knopki Creek Road, off Hwy 199 about milepost 15 coming from Gasquet (or 6 miles from the Oregon border) drive up to the trail head, the hike isn't an easy one, but well worth it especially if you can camp a few days. The lake is stocked with trout and fishing is good. I think it's where the north fork of the Smith River starts. It was Beautiful, not many redwoods but plenty of Douglas fir, Tanoak, Madrone, Alder, Spruce, well, you get the idea. Lots of birds and other creatures if that's what you're looking for. Well, take a look and you'll see.  

 Here are some of Jesse and Ben's adventures. We weren't there with a camera all the time but got a few shots. 


 Ben got his first rock cod out on the ocean, he had the luck of the


 The middle fork of the Smith Rive has many little tributaries, Jones Creek creates a picturesque place to hang out, the fish maybe a little too small here but when the creek merges into the Smith River at Big Flat you can do some serious fishing. 


Ben & Jesse tune up for a bike ride at 
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They'll fill you in on the best places for bike riding as well as places to avoid. If you are looking for a tune-up or need parts or helmets, it's the place to find them.