Trails and hikes Smith River Redwood Coast, HWY 199 area. Just a few miles east of the coast and the weather can be 20 degrees warmer, great for hiking, swimming and laying in the sun listening to the breeze in the redwood trees and the fresh Rhythm of the river.

Stout Grove


 A couple miles east of Hiouchi is the turn off for  Stout Grove and South Fork RD. You cross the first bridge which is locally known as 'slant bridge' and wind around a couple turns which brings you to 'second bridge' and you'll see this sign. Keep to the right and it will take you to Stout Grove with many wonderful day hikes to some of the most picturesque scenery around. Clean clear rivers and streams and flora and fauna galore! Now you are in the heart of the redwoods!! 

 This is a gravel road, you cannot take RVs past this point, you will want to drive slowly and courteously. If you go all the way on this road you will end up in Crescent City. If you go left at the sign, you will go up South Bank Road into the mountains and Big Flat. 

Smith River at Slant Bridge


The South Fork of the Smith River at 2nd Bridge.