Redwood National Forest hiking swimming camping  Smith River Recreational area is one of the favorite places for visitors and locals. Hikes of all levels are available with ferns head high among the towering redwoods. The pristine Smith River and all its tributaries provide fishing, swimming, kayaking, camping, snorkeling, skimming rocks or just a spectacular backdrop for any pastime. 

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Hiking Camping & More

The Beautiful Smith River around some of the most beautiful Redwood trees and landscape imaginable!

The Smith River at Jedediah State Park campground, the end of the Hiouchi Trail. Clear clean water.


 The clean clear waters of the Smith River gives endless recreational opportunities. Swimming in the summer or Fishing in the fall and winter this wild river is a treasure. 

Stout Grove is incredible with its monster trees.


 Giant Redwoods at Stout Grove Park, one of the most accessible groves of Redwoods just a stroll from your car.
These hiking trails are laced with breathtaking nature. 


Nickerson Ranch trail is near Stout Grove and a great place to hike in the redwood forest.


  Mill Creek empties into the Smith River just across from Jedediah State Park, a beautiful campground and incredible place to sleep among the giant redwoods.  


    Redwood tree in Stout Grove, I think it was about 32 paces around and they get as tall as the Empire State Building. 


The Coastal trails, from Endert's Beach to the vista lookout & hidden beaches and rustic campsites.


 The Smith River is a great place to kayak in fall and winter and spring, summer the river starts getting a little shallow. The river was 'topped off' this year with high rainfall and is still high enough for river rafting. It's a little colder than usual and the current is a little stronger, so be a little more careful. 


  A huge old hollow redwood tree stump.


 Jones creek is a tributary to the south fork of the Smith River. It's about 12 miles up South Fork Road a little past the "GO" road, (Gasquet Orleans Road). It's a beautiful little paradise, there is a summer rental available close by.