Crescent City Redwoods, welcome to one of the most beautiful places on earth!
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Surfing Beachcombing are two loved pass times here in the Pacific Northwest. The ocean has provided work and recreation for generations here in Del Norte County. Fall brings salmon fishing in the rivers and crab seasons on the ocean, whale watching, agates hunting and  beautiful sunsets.  Storms and wind deliver powerful crashing waves, which is a spectacular show and conditions for skilled windsurfers . Or just use it as a beautiful back-drop to people watch or read a book. The possibilities are endless.

Jesse and Ben at Southbeach with their Noll longboards.

 a little fall surf

First weekend in October means Noll Longboard Classic
If you are not used to the Pacific Northwest, we often have fog, coastal wind, and rain. We also get nice weather but we don't get those big redwoods without some perfect conditions. So bring a sweat shirt or jacket, or pick one up at the surf shops! If its too windy or cold in the summer you can go just a couple miles inland to the river and the weather can be completely different, and sometimes 10-30 degrees warmer.
more ocean photos
If you'd like to surf, boogie board or at least get in the water there are a couple places you can rent surfboards, boogie boards, wet suits and get some helpful information on where to surf.
Noll's surf and skate,

 275 L Street
HWY  101 South
For winners, info and pix go to:  
Southbeach Outfitters on 128 Anchor Way next to the harbor. 707-4652963

surfing link
If you are not familiar  with the ocean, always be respectful of its power, currents, riptides and sneeker waves to name a few. Don't turn your back to the ocean when you are beachcombing and DON'T walk out on the jetty.

Agate hunting is a favorite pastime
 for many local as well as visitors. "Pebble Beach" on the north end of town is a prime hunting ground, especially in the winter.

Jesse and Ben beachcombing at low tide checking out a tidepool between the jetty and the Batterypoint lighthouse.

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