Crescent City Redwoods, welcome to one of the most beautiful places on earth!
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Art and History of Crescent City CA, Del Norte County Jesse & Ben will show you some of the historical treasures of our community on land and at sea.
This is the Del Norte Historical Society Museum. The corner of H & 6th street,
Open May to Sept. 10 am - 4 pm
Monday - Saturday

The Museum is run by volunteers and can be used for research with an appointment in the winter months.
There is a wonderful collection of Native American artifacts, Yurok and Tolowa, Maritime  History, Logging, rugged primative chainsaws, early settler's furnature, the lense from the Point Saint George Lighthouse, relics from the Brother Jonathan shipwreck. The 1964 Tsunami, the largest in U. S. history, 1964 Klamath River flood. Jededaih Smith and explorors of early Crescent City  and much more. They sell many books on the local history.

Jesse and Ben haven't had the privledge of going to the Point St. George Reef Lighthouse, there are helicopter rides available and they hope to someday.
See Battery Point Lighthouse at low tide. Open May to Sept. 10 am -4pm Monday-Saturday and Oct. - Apr. 10 am-4 pm Wed. -Sunday  Tide Permitting
this is where one couple spent the 1964 tsunami (tidal wave) when they were the keepers of the lighthouse!
Jesse and Ben dreaming of living  in the
Battery Point Lighthouse in 2010

Just two Lighthouse Keepers in the rough!!

The lighthouse is closed at high tide.
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