Crescent City Redwoods, welcome to one of the most beautiful places on earth!
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Crescent City Redwoods Home Page

  After 18 years at the same spot, The Bookcomber book and music store, (and Common Ground music venue) has closed. We have moved, pared down and reopened 840 3rd street.  (Yes, we have moved it now a couple times)The phone number is 707-464-5811. Dale Morgan has moved to a separate location, his phone number is 707-465-5210. 
  We are located on 3rd street, between H and I ST. across from, Chase Bank and Local Roots and next to Edward Jones. M-F 12-5:30 Sat. 12-2. Come check us out!
Dale Morgan Guitar lessons info Phone # 707-465-5210.
  We still have the musical instruments, instruction, accessories New and Used books, as well as garden, home, gifts, postcards, toys and children's books, we do special orders.
We also have dry firewood for camping. The parks request you use firewood that comes from within 50 miles of where you camp. This will help limit disease and critters from spreading. This wood originated in Del Norte County. So......

THE SUN IS OUT! There are beaches to discover, trails to be hiked, rivers to swim and visit, and gardens are in full bloom. Summer has laid out the doormat and sun, fog and mild temps are inviting us out . Though fall with its mild temperatures is sometimes our most hospitable time of year so don't let it stop you from coming back and enjoying our community. Just bring along a sweatshirt in case it gets chilly.
Now that the rains finally hit, find your rain gear! Get out and enjoy the weather, but if it is stormy you might want to watch those crazy waves from your car, they can be dangerous.
  Check the other pages on the web site for some ideas of things to do, places to see and hikes to make. Do a little shopping in the 3rd street area, Johnston's Gifts, 6 degrees of Celebration, Millsong Mercantile, or, down 9th Street for Rumiano Cheese. (turn west by Burgar king or at the lights).
From there you can easily keep driving west and drive by the ocean watch wild life or see if there are any surfers out. South of town you can watch the fishing boats come in at the harbor or check the surf at south beach. If the weather permits, maybe the drive-in will be open! Or, READ A BOOK!
Need things to do indoor? about the surf shop, Battery Point Lighthouse, tide permitting, or the Museum at 6th and H st. swimming pool, mammal center, Ocean World, bowling  or read a book, maybe one about the tsunami or bigfoot.
If it's wet you could just enjoy the rain, be a kid again, (or still) ride a bike, catch poly wogs, play ship-wrecked on the beach and make a shelter and cook over the open flames, if you can get one going. Float sticks in the gutters or ditches, or read Swiss Family Robinson, or  rent the movie.
 Bring your jacket just in case!
Sanddollars at Enderts beach, feeding some seagulls can be some fun. Watch out for sneaker waves!
And if you see any seal pups on the beach, don't touch them, mom is usually closer than you think.
Locals get out doors!
Check out the live music at the Enoteca, 3rd street between I and J street friday night.
Guitar lesson Info is on the Morgan Music Page.
Check out the Millsong Mercantile they will have some deals on guitar lessons and guitar packages and BOOKS!
Weather-because you don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows...but it helps
As you come into town from the South, you drive by the beautiful, surfable southbeach. One of the most accessable beaches in Northern California.
Across from the Crescent City, City Limit sign is the Harbor. Crescent City harbor is a working harbor with fishing boats and the like, The England Marina store  has the best rain gear, fishing tackle and stuff to fix your boat or surfboard. And that is where you get your fishing license!!  At the harbor there is also a blacksmith, dry dock, RV park, the Grotto Restaurant and gift shop, the Chart Room  Restaurant and the South Beach Outfitters surf shop, a deli and  The Beacon Burger as well as an eclectic group of people.

If you've come from HWY 101 or 199 you've been through the redwoods, we never get tired of them but there is more here to see. Like, the ocean, forests, rivers, creeks, sand dunes, lakes, birds, flora, fauna, more redwoods and the lists go on. Much of what Del Norte County has to offer is free or inexpensive. Give yourself enough time and relax, you don't have to spend a lot of time in traffic here or long lines. Welcome!

Jesse and Ben after a great surfing session at southbeach. They're your welcoming committee and will show you around the community, via this web site.

check out the surf and
page for info on where to rent or buy surfboards or other beach equiptment.
From the ocean to the redwoods, this is a beautiful place.

Crescent City Fall Colors don't come in the traditional leaves turning, though the redwoods are shedding copious amounts of needles,  our best colors come in the beautiful fall sunsets. But a sunset is beautiful in any season.

  The Noll surf contest in Oct. has sadly been discontinued, we enjoyed it for many years and thank Beverly and all who worked tirelessly to host it through the years. check the surf and beach page for the Noll link!

From the redwoods to the ocean this is a beautiful place!!
Here is a giant Redwood tree in the Stout Grove, we'd show you the top but we can't back up that far, it's way up there!! See more on t he forest and river page.

A little ocean fishing. Maybe rock cod?
A beautiful view of the Southern beaches of Crescent City, Enderts Beach lookout. The forest is behind you as well as some coastal hiking trails. Enderts and southbeach stretches out in front of you. To get there,Take Enderts Beach road west just before you leave town to the south, follow the road a couple miles to the end.
You will find agate hunters dotting the coast all year round. Pebble beach is a favorite hunting ground though  there are other beaches and areas on this stretch that are rich with agates. The winter is the best time to find larger agates.
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